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Infrastructure System

In order to reduce India’s air pollution by increasing numbers of coal-fired power generation units, union ministry of environment and forests (MoEF) has formulated stricter pollution control norms for these units. As per latest Government data, the total power generation in India till April 2015 stood at 272,687 MW, out of which 165,236 MW came from coal-based thermal power plants. Under the proposed norms the existing power plants would have to improve their pollution control technologies and all the new plants installed after January 2017 would have to meet the global standards. This is creating a burgeoning demand for new environmental control systems for power plants and Ducon is well positioned in this space due to its eminent position.

The Government of India, with promise of 24 X 7 Electricity to all by 2019, is providing Transmission & Distribution through Government funding to the State Electricity Boards of up to INR 43,000 Crores for such electrifications projects, requiring power transmission & distribution systems and services. Ducon with its vast previous experience is well positioned to take advantage of upcoming projects in this space.

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