Ducon Infratechnologies Ltd: Leading Supplier of FGD Systems | FGD Company in India

About Ducon Infratechnologies Ltd

Ducon Infratechnologies Ltd. is a rapidly growing diversified technology company that operates in a variety of business segments, to provide solutions and meet challenges in the infrastructure, FGD systems and IT-digital business sectors.

In the infrastructure sector, Ducon provides complete FGD systems in thermal power plants, bulk material handling systems for Alumina, fly ash handling systems and electrification projects.

Ducon Infratechnologies Ltd. is a medium size EPC company in the field of Air Pollution Control, Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) Systems in India, Wet Scrubbers, Bag Filters, Cyclones. Material Handling Systems (Belt Conveyor Systems, Pipe Conveyor System, Pneumatic Conveying System, Air Slides, Silo Systems), Rural Electrification, IT Software Services.

Ducon with its vast previous experience is actively executing many such FGD projects in India.

FGD Implementation in Thermal Power Plants

Ducon is a leading FGD system manufacturers in India and has its own technology for limestone, seawater, and Dry Sorbent Injection. It is a well-known brand in India and abroad for the FGD Technology.

Company has many successfully operating FGD installations in India, the notable ones include: (i) 500 MW seawater FGD systems at Dahanu power plant and (ii) 2×600 MW Limestone FGD system at Udupi Power Plant.

We offer excellent services to all our customers ranging from Power Generation Companies, Alumina Industry, Cement Industry, Oil & Gas Sector, Process Industry and more.

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